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Core Vocabulary

Core Vocabulary Boards                         

What are they? 

Core words are the 50-400 words that make up the majority of everything we say. The Core Vocabulary Boards use these core words to allow non-speaking people or people with communication difficulties to communicate and to express a wider variety of ideas and needs. There are five stages of Core Vocabulary Boards that match the level of understanding and the needs of each child.



Please do.

Hold the page where  the child can see it.

-Point to the symbols as you are talking to the child, modelling how to use the page to communicate

-Try to stick to conversation about what you are doing/what is happening rather than asking questions or asking the child to make choices

-Give the child time to respond, making sure the sheet is within reach so they can point to the symbols

-Respect the fact that, for many reasons, the child may be unwilling or unable to respond to you every time

-Keep modelling the way to use the symbols

-Encourage non-verbal or verbal communication

Please don’t.


-Put pressure on me by asking me to respond or make lots of choices

-Take my hand and point for me


Marianna: Core vocabulary and foam

Faye: Core vocabulary and cars

 Download here Core Vocabulary Boards Stage 1-3: 

Core vocabulary board stage 1

Core vocabulary board 2

Core vocabulary board stage 3

Download Core Vocabulary Boards that link to activities: 

Pretend Snow Core Vocabulary Stage 1-3.pptx

Playdough Core Vocabulary Stage 1-3.pptx





More information: 

For more information please contact Marianna Limnaiou the Communication Lead Teacher of the school: