Archdale Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 1PL


Archdale School

Working in Partnership

At Archdale School, we are building links with the local community and building up partnerships in many different ways.

Here are a few examples.
- Pipworth school joined us for an art day, children from both schools had an amazing time, making new friends and learning lots from each other.
- Some of our Early Years children attend the local toddler group at St Swithun's church, they have made lots of friends there and enjoy playing with different toys. The children now recognize new people and have lots and lots of fun. Thank you Fiona!
- Some children go on a regular trip to the real junk food cafe at Victoria Methodist Church. This is an amazing opportunity for the children to learn about road safety, how to use public transport, be aware of strangers, order food, and be extremely independent. This has been hugely successful and the children have a great time. Thank you to all those at the real junk food cafe for the support, understanding and kindness you have shown to us!.
- The foundation stage children have been making new friends with the children from Woolley Wood School. This term we have started having play days with our sister school. Children and staff from Woolley Wood joined us for a play session, the children had a fantastic time making new friends and sharing their toys. We will be visiting our new friends at their School very soon.

Ordering food at a local cafe.

Joining a Parent and Toddler group at our local church.

Buying a ticket on the bus.

Playing at the local Parent and Toddler group.

Crossing the road safely.