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Archdale School

Our School Values and Ethos


 Our School Values and Ethos


We respect the rights and dignity of all our children as individuals. We believe that they have the right to learn within an environment that is caring, supportive and enabling.

We will work in partnership with parents and carers to promote each pupil’s intellectual, physical, emotional and social development and thereby enriching the quality of life for all our children.


Mission Statement

  1. To prepare students for adult life in a multi-cultural society and provide equal opportunity for all, regardless of ability, race, religion, culture and gender.
  2. To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to include the National Curriculum which encourages every student to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to adult life, the world of work and leisure.
  3. To help each student to develop to their full potential and be sensitive to the needs of others.
  4. To develop self-esteem and a good personal image.
  5. To help each student to become a happy, caring young person capable of contributing to the community in a positive way.

Because we understand the individuality and uniqueness of each child, we have revised our curriculum and assessment so that pupils can learn through one of three different curricula in order that we can meet each child at their point of learning and celebrate their progress in different ways. 

 Core Values

Respect  Excellence  Commitment


  1. Respect In our School:

We are all different and we like that

We are listened to and valued

Our achievements are recognised and rewarded

We are kind to each other

We look after our environment

2.        Excellence In our school:

We have high standards in everything

We always do our best

We are given the opportunity to achieve

Our environment is stimulating and nurturing

  1. Commitment To our School:

Everyone supports and cares for each other

We show loyalty to everyone involved in our School

We all work hard to fulfil our own potential

We follow school rules

  1. Enjoyment In our School:

We feel safe and cared for

Learning is challenging and fun

We have access to a broad variety of experiences


For more information about our school, feel free to have a look through this website. It’s no replacement for speaking directly with us however, so please make contact by calling 0114 272 6165 or e-mailing

We look forward to hearing from you.

Catherine Shipton (Headteacher)